Ghosts and Grave Robbers

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Do you believe in ghosts? According to 1 2009 CBS News survey, 48% of Americans believe in ghosts while 45% do not. Women are more likely to believe, clocking in at 56% and 22% of Americans claim to have had an encounter with a ghost.



“Is that uh’ scanner?”

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Brian Allen, Master Brewer for Mother's Brewing Company in Springfield, Mo., hands off a sample of their beer at the 2012 Missouri Beer Fest Saturday April 7, 2012. The beer fest that was hosted by Stoney Creek Inn brought brewers from across the state.



Doug Riddle (right), Brewer from Mother's Brewing Company, describes the different beers on tap at their booth at the 2012 Missouri Beer Fest. Patrons of the festival were able to taste beers from breweries across the state.


Multimedia Slide Show: Musical Maycie

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Photographed and produced by Erik Castro, Musical Maycie  is one of my favorite multimedia pieces shown to me at the beginning of this semester.  I really enjoyed how all the elements of the story came together to create a very fluid piece.  Unlike other slide shows I’ve seen in the past that have emphasized either the audio over the photos or vice-versa, Musical Maycie does both well.  And, although it’s longer than the Missourian’s standard 2:30 – 3 minutes you get a sense of who this girl is beyond her skills as a violinist.  That is just one part of her extraordinary life.  Sorry, I sound like I’m making a sales pitch for the slideshow.  Watch for yourself and let me know what you think.

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